Happy Holidays!

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5 Responses to “Happy Holidays!”

  1. Elorie Jo-anah Says:

    Thank you Ate Aying and Kuya Gerry for sharing! I had fun. I said “Yey!” when I read that you have a new addition to the family…but said “Ay..” when I read it’s Giles! hahaha!! hi to Giles!

    Merry Christmas, too! May your Christmas be filled with His love. More adventures in 2011. May more of your hearts’ desire be granted this coming year.

    Blessings from Above!

    From us,
    Jon-Paul and Elorie Raymond

  2. Caroline Yip Says:

    Hello Karina, Gerry and adorable lil Giles!!!

    Merry Christmas! Thanks for the wonderful video you shared with me…it has indeed been a great year, alot to be thankful for… ;)!
    I so enjoyed your FUNny video…cool! :) its been a great life for you guys and I couldnt be happier for you Kar! :) HUGS!

    Cant wait to meet you Gerry and Giles….he’s super cute!

    Have an even greater 2011 too! :)


  3. Gerry Clitar Says:

    My sangay Gerry & Ayen, what a wonderful video.
    Thanks a lot for remembering us. We are all good despite being cold & rained out the past five days. Thank God that the sun is out today.

    A warm & heartfelt Merry Christmas to all of you specially to your Mama Memang, Papa Cris, Sis Daisy & family & your Bro (my apologies, I forgot his name).

    More hugs from SoCal.

  4. mochi villarivera Says:

    hi ninang!

    thank you for the video! it was great fun!
    visit us soon.

    happy new year!
    mochi ardivilla villarivera

  5. Eileen Zheng Says:

    Hi, Karina and Gerry,

    Thanks for sharing the video! It was great! I enjoyed it a lot. I have to say that everything on the website is wonderful too!

    Happy New Year!