Dawn… Ike Update 091308:0645

[Posting these photos three days after the storm, now that I have Internet access at the office — still no power or Internet at home]

This photo was taken at first light, as Hurricane Ike moved north past Houston.

Contemporaneous Tweets:

After so many hours of nonstop violence, Ike is finally calming down in Midtown. Rain still steady but rafter-shaking howl is down noticeably … 07:12 AM September 13, 2008

Dawn brings a view of Ike-blasted Midtown. Chenevert near Elgin submerged under several inches of water. 07:29 AM September 13, 2008

Sheets of Ike rain still pouring down on Midtown but the house no longer sounds like it’s about to implode. 07:59 AM September 13, 2008

Ike’s flood waters starting to lap at foundations of neighboring townhomes in Midtown. 08:32 AM September 13, 2008

Chenevert in Midtown still flooded but water is receding. Tap h2o pressure very low. City urges boiling for now. 10:12 AM September 13, 2008

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