Rising Storm… Ike Update 091208:2332

[Posting these photos three days after the storm, now that I have Internet access at the office — still no power or Internet at home]

This photo was taken just before midnight, as Hurricane Ike’s eye was still off the coast of Galveston Island. Electricity was out in our neighborhood by this time (note the lack of street lights), though some illumination is still available from the US 59 freeway lights a couple of blocks away. A few lights are still visible in the distance downtown.

Contemporaneous Tweets:

Power is out, probably for a while. Down to tweeting via EDGE. 09:39 PM September 12, 2008

Getting ready for a candlelight dinner as K cooks up some chicken saved out of powerless freezer. 09:40 PM September 12, 2008

Just uncorked wine for dinner w/ supercool wedding gift corkscrew. Thx H & D! 10:01 PM September 12, 2008

Heavy rain and some lightning in midtown. Police car just passed by on patrol with spotlight on. 11:34 PM September 12, 2008

Happy birthday, @timeless! The stormiest birthday you’ll ever have, I hope! 12:15 AM September 13, 2008

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  1. Marj Says:

    Happy birthday Karins! I celebrate the warmth and softness of life with you.