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Happy Holidays!

Thursday, December 23rd, 2010

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For Our First (Mexico) Wedding Anniversary…

Saturday, July 4th, 2009

Karina and I finally completed the arduous (and long-procrastinated) task of sorting our wedding photos. I’m in the process of putting together an online gallery, and in the meantime, I’ve put up a placeholder page with a few preview photos.

Take a look!

For the Fourth, though, we’re going to take a break from building photo galleries, studying and everything else, with a quick jaunt over to Austin to relax and celebrate.

Happy Fourth of July, everyone (twice over)!

Weekend of Many Colors

Sunday, November 23rd, 2008

We’re resting up now after an afternoon ride to the Via Colori street art festival downtown… the fair was, well, festive, with large and curious crowds flowing about the colorful and eclectic artwork etched on the pavement…

New Toy

Saturday, November 22nd, 2008

Karina received her new, hard-earned toy yesterday — a Canon 40D DSLR. Much excitement and picture taking ensued!


Sunday, November 9th, 2008


Thursday, November 6th, 2008

My little piece of history.

I chose not to vote early, participating instead in the great ritual of democracy on the appointed day — Tuesday, November 4. I rode my bike to the polling place, just a few blocks from home in Houston’s historic Third Ward, a center of strength for Barack Obama.

The lines were non-existent. A little worrisome, I thought, but not unexpected in the middle of the workday.

I stepped into the booth, with a sense of the profound and historic moment buzzing through me… and after triple-checking that I indeed marked it correctly, I cast my ballot.

For change. For transformation. With hope.

A few hours later, Karina and I were whooping, weeping and breaking open the champagne!

At home, aka Election Central, following CNN, MSNBC, and Twitter.

As Obama surpassed 270 electoral votes, we broke out the champagne!

Where were you when Obama and America made history?

Election Year Cameo

Friday, October 31st, 2008

Karina and I met Andres in the spring, when he came home to Houston from L.A. to help campaign for Obama in the Houston primary election. He had recorded a beautiful Spanish-language video called Sí, Se Puede Cambiar as part of his efforts on Obama’s behalf.

He has just released an English-language version, incorporating footage from Houston… (and be sure to check out the split-second cameo that Karina and I make at the 2:12 mark!)…

ps: During that week with Andres, we met the guys from United for Obama, Eric Byler (pictured, left), Annabel Park, and Quan Phung. They were all visiting from Virginia and California.


Monday, October 27th, 2008

Karina’s mama came to visit with us over the past week, partly for a high-tech videoconference with folks back home in the Philippines, partly to experience a few days-in-the-wacky-life with us. During her brief stay, she got to see our nocturnal ways, complete with a ride in the local electric taxi and a long session working online at the cafe. As you can see from the photo, Mama turned out to be quite well suited to the life of the urban tech nomad…

Surveying the Scene… Ike Update 091308:0930

Sunday, September 21st, 2008

A woman fights high winds in Midtown Houston after clearing a blocked storm drain.

A woman fights high winds and rain in Midtown Houston.

As Hurricane Ike’s storms began to subside, a few hardy and curious people in the neighborhood began wandering out of their sheltering homes to survey the area. We found streets submerged by the downpours, mature trees snapped or uprooted (along with their smaller brethren), and debris ranging from roof shingles to mangled billboards strewn about where they were flung by Ike’s 100mph winds.

Some checked their homes for damage, others began the cleanup by clearing clogged storm drains. Many picked up their routines where they left off, walking their dogs to the park despite the chaos and floods. One experience was shared in common — every one of us looked with some wonder at the artifacts of Ike’s devastating power, whether with awestruck eyes or the voracious lenses of digital cameras (or in my case, both).

See more photos from the neighborhood in the immediate aftermath here.

Neighbors work to clear storm drains on the flooded streets of Midtown Houston after Hurricane Ike’s passage.

Neighbors work to clear storm drains on the flooded streets of Midtown Houston immediately after Ike’s passage.

Dawn… Ike Update 091308:0645

Tuesday, September 16th, 2008

[Posting these photos three days after the storm, now that I have Internet access at the office — still no power or Internet at home]

This photo was taken at first light, as Hurricane Ike moved north past Houston.

Contemporaneous Tweets:

After so many hours of nonstop violence, Ike is finally calming down in Midtown. Rain still steady but rafter-shaking howl is down noticeably … 07:12 AM September 13, 2008

Dawn brings a view of Ike-blasted Midtown. Chenevert near Elgin submerged under several inches of water. 07:29 AM September 13, 2008

Sheets of Ike rain still pouring down on Midtown but the house no longer sounds like it’s about to implode. 07:59 AM September 13, 2008

Ike’s flood waters starting to lap at foundations of neighboring townhomes in Midtown. 08:32 AM September 13, 2008

Chenevert in Midtown still flooded but water is receding. Tap h2o pressure very low. City urges boiling for now. 10:12 AM September 13, 2008

Center of the Storm… Ike Update 091308:0342

Tuesday, September 16th, 2008

[Posting these photos three days after the storm, now that I have Internet access at the office — still no power or Internet at home]

This photo was taken at almost 4 a.m., as Hurricane Ike’s eye was going past downtown Houston.

Contemporaneous Tweets:

Going to try to override my Ike-fed hyperalertness with sleep. Guessing from other tweets that the eye is near us now in midtown. 03:03 AM September 13, 2008

Ike’s howling & banging in midtown woke me. No use tho – can no longer see much out the windows due to driving rain & condensation. 04:30 AM September 13, 2008

Upstairs window pried open by wind – caught it just in time. Courtyard oak thrashing wildly above shelter of roofline. Hope he can hang on. 04:51 AM September 13, 2008

Highway lights over 59/288 interchange and downtown buildings were the last to go. Total darkness reigns. 05:00 AM September 13, 2008

#Ike has knocked out T-Mobile EDGE service in midtown. Down to tweeting via SMS. 05:47 AM September 13, 2008

Reading others’ #Ike tweets was both useful & comforting. Sorry to lose that now that I can only send, not receive. 05:51 AM September 13, 2008

Intensifying… Ike Update 091308:0142

Tuesday, September 16th, 2008

[Posting these photos three days after the storm, now that I have Internet access at the office — still no power or Internet at home]

This photo was taken at almost 2 a.m., as Hurricane Ike was making landfall near Galveston. Rain was intensifying, and downtown buildings are nearly all dark (or no longer visible due to the weather).

Contemporaneous Tweets:

Heavy rain & wind in midtown. Eerie sky glow seems less now. Getting some leakage from bath vent but otherwise ok. 02:55 AM September 13, 2008

The house is creaking and groaning under the strain but holding up nicely against Ike here in midtown. 02:57 AM September 13, 2008 from twitterrific

Rising Storm… Ike Update 091208:2332

Tuesday, September 16th, 2008

[Posting these photos three days after the storm, now that I have Internet access at the office — still no power or Internet at home]

This photo was taken just before midnight, as Hurricane Ike’s eye was still off the coast of Galveston Island. Electricity was out in our neighborhood by this time (note the lack of street lights), though some illumination is still available from the US 59 freeway lights a couple of blocks away. A few lights are still visible in the distance downtown.

Contemporaneous Tweets:

Power is out, probably for a while. Down to tweeting via EDGE. 09:39 PM September 12, 2008

Getting ready for a candlelight dinner as K cooks up some chicken saved out of powerless freezer. 09:40 PM September 12, 2008

Just uncorked wine for dinner w/ supercool wedding gift corkscrew. Thx H & D! 10:01 PM September 12, 2008

Heavy rain and some lightning in midtown. Police car just passed by on patrol with spotlight on. 11:34 PM September 12, 2008

Happy birthday, @timeless! The stormiest birthday you’ll ever have, I hope! 12:15 AM September 13, 2008

Nightfall… Ike Update 091208:1929

Friday, September 12th, 2008

The sun is going down, and the tv reports talk about violent storm action on the coast, along with high winds and power outages here in the city. In our neighborhood, the wind is still just starting to pick up and (knock on wood) we still have power, cable and net access.

Since we’re running out of light, this will probably be the last photo tonight. I’ll try to post here for as long as we still have access. If we lose the connection, I’ll try to send updates via mobile to Twitter. (Whoops, as I write this, we experienced a quick brown out and the first real house-shaking wind gusts… fortunately, power and net access have since been restored)

See you soon! And if there’s anyone from Houston reading this, take good care and see you on the other side!